Keith Academy

Keith Academy - From 1926 to 1970, the Congregation of Francis Xavier operated Keith Academy, an all-male Catholic high school in Lowell, Massachusetts. Many of the school's graduates excelled in later life and today number religious, professional, business, military and political leaders among their ranks. All are proud of their religious heritage and the academic foundation they received at this school. Its memory lives on in the lives of its graduates, who in 2004 held a 7th annual Keith Academy Winter Gathering in Naples, FL., which I attended. This is a picture of our school, followed by a class picture and list of the graduates from my class, 1949.

Drawing by artist Janet Lambert Moore, 44 Walker St., Lowell, MA - (978) 459 4003

Ms. Moore has a wide collection of Lowell work, including churches, courthouses, towers, firehouses, schools, Kerouac sites and a variety of sites from Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut and Tewksbury. Many of these sketches are available in black and white or color prints and reflect the same detail and exquisite quality as this memorable Keith Academy drawing. She can be contacted as indicated above and will provide a complete listing or contract to meet your desires. Let all Keith graduates support and encourage this talented and accomplished artist.

Class Photo and List of Graduates courtesy of Francis X. Archibald (6th from left, top row.)

Archibald went on to earn degrees at Charleston Southern University (BS) and Webster University (MA).

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